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My approach to lending is relationship-based. Even after the paperwork has been signed, I want to provide homebuyers with the open communication and responsiveness they deserve from their financial institution. I want the people I work with to feel they can come to me with a question years after they've moved into their new homes.

For my clients, houses are more than just a roof and four walls. It's an investment in their future. My job is to take a comprehensive approach to the homebuying process and ensure my clients keep sight of the bigger picture, creating value for themselves both now and in the future.

In my free time, I am a fierce advocate for the refugee community. I helped found an organization that works with inner-city families to help improve their quality of life. Alongside my team at Amplify, I continue to devote my time and energy to non-profits that will make Austin a better home for families of all means.

Rick gave a human element that is lost during these types of transactions. We are forever clients of Amplify.
A & M Sanchez

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