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How it works

Once you complete your application, a member of the Amplify team will reach out to discuss your loan and refinance options. Want to know if you are qualified? Check out the applicant criteria² in our FAQ section below.

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    Complete an application for a home loan. Our team will reach out to you shortly to schedule an appointment with a loan officer.

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    Our loan officers will work with you throughout the mortgage process to help you secure the best possible rate and discuss your refinance options.

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  • Refinance Later

    Contact our team within 24 months to refinance your mortgage with zero costs or appraisal fees.

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Act now before the market heats up

Thanks to stabilizing home prices and improving rates, many Texans are now restarting their searches for a new home. And to help you get the most from the market, we're throwing in a mortgage refinance free of cost.

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Got Questions?

Forget the fine print - we're doing our best to proactively answer every question you might have about our refinance program.

  • How do I qualify for the free refinance offer?

  • How much can I save?

  • Are there loan balance requirements?

  • What if property values drop before I refinance?

Get more from the market

Want to lock in an improving rate and get a free refinance from the Amplify team? Fill out the application below and a member of the Amplify Home team will reach out to shortly!

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¹Because they are collected to pay property taxes and insurance each year, prepaid escrows are not fees and therefore are not calculated as part of the free refinance with Amplify.

²There are four conditions applicants must meet to qualify for a free loan refinance. First, the loan must be a current Amplify loan. Second, borrowers must have completed a minimum of six (6) timely payments on the loan. Third, the rate/term refinance can only be up to the confirming loan limit. And finally, the refinance must be within 24 months of the current loan's close date.