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Did you know the average American only stays in their home for eight² years? Talk to an Amplify loan officer about why now is a good time to prioritize home value over the lowest possible interest payments.

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Once you complete your application, a member of the Amplify team will reach out to discuss your loan and refinance options. Want to know if you are qualified? Check out the applicant criteria³ in our FAQ section below.

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Forget the fine print – we’re doing our best to proactively answer every question you might have about our refinance program.

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Want to lock in an improving rate and get a free refinance from the Amplify team? Fill out the application below and a member of the Amplify Home team will reach out to shortly!

¹Because they are collected to pay property taxes and insurance each year, prepaid escrows are not fees and therefore are not calculated as part of the free refinance with Amplify.
²Average length of homeownership: Americans spend less than 15 years in one home” (Zebra)
³There are four conditions applicants must meet to qualify for a free loan refinance. First, the loan must be a current Amplify loan. Second, borrowers must have completed a minimum of six (6) timely payments on the loan. Third, the rate/term refinance can only be up to the confirming loan limit. And finally, the refinance must be within 24 months of the current loan’s close date.