Use ClickSWITCH to switch your recurring payments to Amplify in just a few clicks.


Switch Banks in Minutes

We know one of the scariest parts of switching banks is updating your payments. That’s why we introduced ClickSWITCH, an automated payment tool that will find and transfer your recurring transactions in minutes.

How It Works

ClickSWITCH uses your contact information to find and switch your recurring payments at other financial institutions. No need to chase down every web subscription or monthly transaction—log into online banking and complete your ClickSWITCH application in mere minutes.

Learn more about ClickSWITCH

Visit our member resource center in Ask Amplify to learn how ClickSWITCH can help you get more from fee-free banking at Amplify.

¹”Consumers Dramatically Overestimate How Hard It Is to Switch Banks” (Yahoo Life)