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[rɪˈbaʊnd] noun
A reaction to setback, frustration, or crisis. A return to an earlier and better condition. An improvement.

Overdraft Prevention vs. Protection

When we announced fee-free banking, we pointed out that no member of our community deserves to be held back by unwanted expenses. But there are times when a missed payment can be just as harmful as a rejected payment. That's why we created Rebound, our overdraft protection program.

  • Overdraft Prevention

    New members can designate a second account to automatically draw from or have overdraft transactions rejected altogether.

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  • Overdraft Protection

    Qualified members can use Rebound, Amplify's overdraft protection program, to have select overdraft transactions covered for up to 14 days.

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Overdraft FAQs

  • How Do I Qualify for Overdraft Prevention?

  • How Do I Qualify for Overdraft Protection?

  • What Transactions Are Eligible for Overdraft Protection?

  • Are Non-Recurring Debit Card Transactions Eligible?

  • Are Business Banking Accounts Eligible?

Learn More About Fee-Free Banking

Want to learn more about fee-free banking? Visit our fee-free banking webpage and hear from our Chief Executive Officer on Amplify's decision to make bank fees extinct.

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