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My work as a Mortgage Officer began in 2017. I am a problem-solver by nature and working with borrowers to find the right real estate products has always been the most satisfying element of the job. This remains especially true in my work as a Community Lender. The path to homeownership can be a long one for some borrowers, but I am grateful to be here and accompany them along the way. 

Born and raised in a bilingual-bicultural family in Chicago, I witnessed the economic freedom that many families experienced on their path to homeownership. The skills and knowledge I gained in an ever changing and fast-growing market set a solid foundation for my work in Austin.  In my decade with Amplify, as a trusted advisor, and process consultant, I witnessed the homebuying journey from several angles: as a loan officer, a loan servicing agent, and as an account resolutions specialist. This has given me a valuable perspective on the experience of the real estate process, especially for those still developing their long-term financial plan.  

As a collaborative communicator, I believe every good loan officer should approach their borrowers with empathy and understanding. Not everyone is the same and seeing the value of a home through their eyes is an essential first step in our work together. 

When not at Amplify, I find joy in my family. Raising children in Austin keeps me engaged and aware of the Austin experience.  From PTA meetings to volunteer events, parenthood is a welcomed reminder of the points of intersection we hold with others in our community. I aspire to give the best of myself, especially to those in need of a helping hand, while teaching my children how to build sustainable community connections in one of the most popular cities in the country.  

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