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Fee-Free Banking

No account fees. No overdraft fees.
No bank fees at all.

Open an Account

Banking without fees.

No Hidden Fees or Penalities
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Better protection for your savings

Since 2022, Amplify has put millions back in the pockets of our members with fee-free banking. To keep that money safe, all members are also eligible to receive up to $250,000 in deposit insurance from the NCUA Share Insurance Fund.

Goodbye To Fees

Our goal is to remove the obstacles that stand between our members and financial success, so we turned off all of our bank fees. Because it’s not just about giving back – sometimes, it’s about not taking in the first place.

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Monthly Maintenance $0.00 $13.951
Overdraft Fees $0.00 $30.821
Out-of-Network ATM Fees $0.00 $1.511
Wire Transfer Fees $0.00 $26.001

¹Based on data from Bankrate and MoneyRates.

Keep Your Money

Free overdraft programs

Amplify offers two free overdraft programs to our members that are both designed to add an extra level of protection to your transactions. Use the link below to learn more about both our fee-free overdraft programs.

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