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Keep your money safe with Amplify

Since 2022, Amplify has put millions back in the pockets of our members with fee-free banking. To keep that money safe, all members are also eligible to receive up to $250,000 in deposit insurance from the NCUA Share Insurance Fund.

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Free overdraft programs

Amplify offers two free overdraft programs to our members that are both designed to add an extra level of protection to your transactions. Use the link below to learn more about both our fee-free overdraft programs.

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Get More With No Fee Banking

Fee-free banking is a standard benefit for every member of the credit union. Visit the pages below to learn more about the benefits of fee-free banking to your Amplify checking or savings account.

  • Free Savings Accounts

    Your membership starts with a fee-free savings account. No fees means you are one step closer to:
    🗸 Planning your next vacation.
    🗸 Saving for your first home.
    🗸 Starting your small business.

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  • Free Checking Accounts

    Add a fee-free checking account to get more from your daily spending.
    🗸 No more mystery charges.
    🗸 No more punishing overdrafts.
    🗸 No more sweating the small stuff.

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Questions & Answers

We know that fee-free banking is a big promise, so here are answers to a few of the burning questions you might have about banking at Amplify.

  • What does membership require?

  • Can I see the full list of bank fees?

  • How does overdraft protection work?

  • Are there any hidden banking fees?

  • How can Amplify afford to go fee-free?

  • Does fee-free apply to loans?

  • What about ATM fees?

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Every Amplify member starts with a fee-free savings account. And add a fee-free checking account to get more from your membership.

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