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Electronic Transfer

Make a payment from an account at another financial institution

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    One-Time Payment

    Make a one-time loan payment.

    Click here to initiate a no-fee electronic payment.

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    Recurring Payment

    To set up a recurring payment, complete this form and email, fax, or mail it back to us.

    Download form here.

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    Use our Mobile App or Online Banking to Manage Your Loan Payments

    Use your bank account at another financial institution to make your loan payment. There's no fee to use this option.

    To set up a single or recurring transfer, log into online banking and go to the External Transfer menu option located under Transactions and follow the instructions.

    Login here.

Other Ways To Make a Payment

Make a payment over the phone (fee applies), stop by a branch, or by mail

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    Pay by Phone

    Call us at 512-836-5901 or toll-free at 800-237-5087, and one our service agents will assist you. $25 fee applies.

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    Pay by Mail

    Mail your payment to:

    Amplify Credit Union

    PO Box 85300

    Austin, TX 78758-5300

    Be sure to make a note of the loan account on your check.