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  • Fraud Alert

    Our members are reporting an increase in fraudulent text messages. If you receive a text or call from Amplify asking for secure account information or your online banking login information, please do not reply or respond. Keep reading to learn how to identify a suspicious activity text scam.

How To Identify a Suspicious Activity Text Scam

If you get a text message from your bank attempting to verify a suspicious transaction, the last thing on your mind might be a phishing attempt. But be careful: modern scammers are increasingly using your desire to keep your account safe against you. Below are three signs that your text message may be fake. For complete information on how and when Amplify will contact you, read this article in our online Help Center.

  • Red Flag #1: Long Number

    If the message comes from an entire phone number (512-888-8888), contact our support team immediately. Amplify only use short codes (such as 79241).

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  • Red Flag #2: Grammar Mistakes

    Look carefully for grammar mistakes and the spelling of “Amplify Credit Union.” If there are mistakes or misspellings, contact our support team immediately.

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  • Red Flag #3: No Card Info

    Amplify will include the last four digits of your debit card for transaction confirmations. If the last four digits are not included, contact our support team immediately.

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Short Codes at Amplify

As of July 2023, Amplify now leases short codes from wireless carriers to increase our members' confidence in our communication. Click on the link below to view the full list of short codes.

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How to recover from identity theft

Recovering from identity theft can be a painful process. That's why it's important to have a thorough checklist ahead of time. Here's our list of the seven things to do when you realize you've been the victim of identity fraud.

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Fraud Trends for 2023

It may be a new year, but scammers are up to their old tricks. Here are some of the scams our Fraud team will be tracking again in 2023. Click on the links below to learn more about each scam type and learn how to protect your identity - and your money.

  • Payment App Scams

    Payments through Zelle, Venmo, and other apps are more common than ever. That's why scammers will often pose as your bank to steal your money.

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  • Cryptocurrency Scams

    With cryptocurrencies on the rise, it has become more commonplace to put money in currencies like bitcoin or Ether. Be sure you are well-informed about the risks before you invest.

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  • Debt Collection Scams

    If you receive a call about an unpaid balance, your first instinct may be to make good as soon as possible. But be careful: scammers can use that sense of urgency to extract your personal information.

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  • One-Time Password Scams

    One-time passwords can be a secure method of login authentication, but some scammers have turned to using email and text to steal your codes - and your credentials.

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Learn More About Security

Want to learn how to use online banking alerts to help prevent unwanted transactions? Or how to create better passwords for your Amplify accounts? The Amplify security team has prepared a wide-ranging selection of articles to help you stay one step ahead of fraudsters. To see the full list of security articles, visit the

  • The Benefits of Online Banking Alerts

    Learn how organizations like Amplify use online banking alerts to empower members to

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  • How To Spot a Text Message Scam

    Here are a few examples of common text message scams - and what you should do if you're targeted.

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  • How To Identify Fraudulent Charges

    Get better at recognizing and cancelling fraudulent transactions on your account.

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  • Tips for Creating Strong Passwords

    We share the good, better, and best approaches to password security for your accounts.

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  • Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

    Nobody is immune to identity theft, but understanding how it happens can lower your risk.

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  • IRS Scams and How To Spot Them

    Learn how to recognize and possibly prevent common IRS scams before they occur.

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Additional Information

From our contact center to our self-service member portal, our team is here to answer your security questions and help verify your account information.

  • General Questions

    If you are worried that your account information may be compromised, or have questions about your account, call member support immediately.

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  • Fraud and Disputes

    Visit Ask Amplify to learn how to file a fraud claim or dispute a transaction from an Amplify checking account, savings account, or credit card.

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  • Security Codes

    Need to verify a text message from Amplify? Here's our list of active SMS short codes and what notifications they support.

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