Positive Pay

With positive pay services at Amplify, your business gains greater control over your check processing and payments.

Business Benefits

Automated Payment Verification Manual Exception Handling Zero Fees¹ or Penalties
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Better payment processing

Positive pay services allows businesses to enhance their financial security, reduce the risk of fraud, and gain peace of mind in their day-to-day operations.

Cost Savings

Businesses can avoid financial losses associated with fraudulent transactions. This can save companies both time and money in the long run.

Increased Security

An added layer of security for businesses, ensuring that only authorized checks are processed for payment. Protect against altered check amounts or forged signatures.

Peace of Mind

Businesses know their financial transactions are monitored and protected against potential fraud attempts.

Fraud Prevention

Powerful deterrent against check fraud. Cross-referencing check details with th issued checklist helps identify potentially fraudulent checks before they are paid.

How it works

When your business signs up for positive pay at Amplify, you gain more control over your check processing services.


Commonly asked questions about positive pay and commercial banking at Amplify.

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How does my business get started with positive pay?

Are there size restrictions tied to positive pay services?

How does my business add excess deposit insurance?

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¹The term bank fees refers to any fees associated with the operation of personal or business deposit accounts. This includes savings accounts, checking accounts, certificates of deposit, and money market accounts. Bank fees does not refer to personal, commercial, or real estate loan products, or to third-party services offered through Amplify (such as wealth management or credit card services).

Please refer to the Share Account Rate DisclosureCertificate Account Rate Disclosure, and Beneficial Owner Disclosure for further information relating to the above products. See Business Fee Schedule & Rate Schedule for current rates and fees.