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Our members are reporting an increase in spoofing attempts via text message. If you receive a call from Amplify asking for secure account information or your online banking login information, please hang up and call our contact center directly at (512) 836-5901.

Don't be your bank's piggy bank

Every year, big banks collect billions of dollars in things like overdraft fees. But at Amplify, we don't offer less bank fees - we offer ZERO bank fees. That means you'll pay $0.00 in overdraft fees, transfer fees, transaction fees, and more.

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Continue Your Financial Journey

From our fee-free banking accounts to our award-winning lending team, Amplify has everything you need to take the next step in your financial journey.

  • Free Savings

    Pay $0.00 in fees no matter how you save your money with a fee-free savings account at Amplify.
    ✓ No fees.
    ✓ No account minimums.

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  • Free Checking

    Pay $0.00 in fees no matter how you spend your money with a fee-free checking account at Amplify.
    ✓ No fees.
    ✓ Custom debit card controls.

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  • Free Business Banking

    Businesses that bank with Amplify pay $0.00 in fees on checking and savings accounts.
    ✓ No transaction limits.
    ✓ No account minimums.

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  • Mortgage Loans

    Let our award-winning real estate lending team get you started on homeownership.
    ✓ Fixed payments.
    ✓ Quick online applications.

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  • Cash Out Refinances

    Get the most value from the Texas real estate market--and your home's growing equity.
    ✓ Save thousands on a refinance.
    ✓ No cost refinance for the next 24 months.

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  • Home Equity Loans

    Start or finish that dream project or budget for a major life event with a home equity loan at Amplify.
    ✓ Fixed closing costs.
    ✓ No pre-payment penalties.

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