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In my decade-plus as a loan officer, I have learned that there are three things that borrowers value above all. Knowledge is the most important – you must strive to learn more about your industry each and every day. Just as important is your ability to earn the trust of your clients as they navigate the toughest purchase of their life. But the third thing, the one that so many loan officers seem to underrate? Always be on time. 

As more people follow nontraditional career paths, it’s also important to find real estate professionals experienced in working with investors or self-employed buyers. That’s where I come in. While I pride myself on being able to serve borrowers from all walks of life, I specialize in helping people unpack the unique challenges of self-employed mortgages. You can expect an organized and thorough approach to the process that leaves you feeling confident about your options. 

It was this attention to detail that allowed me to become one of the top loan officers at my previous company. For three straight years – 2020, 2021, and 2022 – I proved that success comes from putting the needs of your members first. For many of my clients, homebuying is a dream come true, and this is a responsibility that no one in our industry should take lightly. 

When not on the clock, you can find me working through my ever-growing backlog of Houston restaurants. I am also proud to live in a city with such diversity of culture. It means a lot to be able to share in all that Houston has to offer with those friends and family members closest to me. 

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