Introducing Amplify Collab

Enjoy exclusive benefits for the people you serve when you partner with Amplify Credit Union.

Amplify Collab℠

Fee-Free Banking Educational Workshops Dedicated Support Staff Interactive Financial Tools
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What We Offer

Amplify offers a handful of core benefits to our partners — including fee-free banking and interactive educational tools and resources. Contact our team to learn how an Amplify partnership can be customized to meet your needs.

Fee-Free Banking

We designed fee-free banking with one goal in mind: to give our partners and their communities the financial peace of mind that can only come when bank fees are no more.

Custom Workshops

Work with our community bankers and community lenders to develop custom lesson plans for your organization. Scroll down for examples of previous Amplify workshops.

Dedicated Banker Support

From financial consultation to account troubleshooting, our virtual bankers are on call to help people with every aspect of their banking experience at Amplify.

Interactive Educational Tools

For people who prefer a self-guided learning experience, we’ve partnered with Banzai, an award-winning content platform, to offer interactive financial tools.

What We Teach

If there’s one thing people can agree on these days, it’s that banks should do more to provide more educational resources to their customers. In fact, 73% of Gen Z consumers think banks should provide more advice on things like budgeting and spending¹. That’s why we’ve put together a list of workshops and courses for our Amplify Collab partners meant to help their communities move forward with confidence.

How to Save Money

Many Americans are one emergency expense² away from going into debt. We provide you with a path to create a six-month emergency fund and discuss ways to build your retirement.

How to Create a Budget

Our team will offer advice on how to budget your funds and establish good savings habits to reach financial goals. We will also walk you through tools you can use to establish better budgeting habits.

How to Become a Homeowner

Homeownership is a years-long process for first-time buyers. We provide you with a five-year path to homeownership and recommend a few first-time homebuyer programs and tools to consider.

How to Choose a Financial Product

With a wealth of financial tools and products available to consumers, it can be hard to know which one best meets your needs. Our team will break down both common and uncommon banking services.

How It Works

Once we receive your inquiry about a potential Amplify Collab, our team will help you navigate the four pre-launch stages for our partner program.

Let’s serve your community together

We have one goal at Amplify: to build stronger communities. If you are ready to explore how an Amplify Collab can support your community, schedule an appointment with Rachael Jaramillo, our Director of Service Delivery, via phone or email.

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¹”Gen Z Banking: How Banks Much Adapt,” Giesecke+Devrient
²”56% of Americans can’t cover a $1,000 emergency expense with savings,” CNBC
²Most mortgage origination fees fall between 0.50% and 1.00% over the overall value of the loan. For example, if a $250,000 loan results in $1,250 in mortgage origination fees, Amplify Collab participants would only pay $625.