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Amplify Credit Union Donates $11,020.98 To Saint Louise House

Amplify Credit UnionDecember 16, 2019

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On its own, two cents won’t buy you much. But add a few more cents, and then a few more after that, and soon you have enough to make a real difference.

This was the goal behind Amplify Credit Union’s recent Holiday Debit Card campaign, where the Austin-based credit union donated two cents to grassroots organization Saint Louise House every time a member used their debit card. In the end, Amplify was able to raise $11,020.98 on behalf its community partner.

“As an organization, Amplify Credit Union has pledged 1% of our earnings to our community partners,” said Amplify CEO Kendall Garrison, “but we also want to give our members the opportunity to engage more directly in these efforts. This campaign allowed our members to take part of our holiday gift to Saint Louise House. We couldn’t be happier with the support we’ve received from everyone in the Amplify family.”

While this donation may have come just in time for the holidays, Amplify’s relationship with Saint Louise House is built around the promise of sustained, long-term support. In 2018, Amplify launched its Safe Place to Call Home initiative, partnering with three local organizations to offer their support of families experiencing homelessness. The idea was to align Amplify with organizations that already had first-hand experiences with emergency and transitional housing; this would allow Amplify to listen, learn, and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the Saint Louise House mission.

“One of the things that we’ve really appreciated about Amplify Credit Union is the way they ask what is most helpful and check in with our needs,” explained Katie Montgomery, Community Outreach & Event Coordinator for Saint Louise House. “Amplify goes the extra step of finding really tangible ways for every employee to be involved. We are always really, really thankful for our partners who support us during the holidays, but then keep supporting us year-round as different needs arise.”

Most important, though? This donation allows the children of Saint Louise House to experience the small joys of childhood so many families take for granted. “A lot of the children come without having special holiday memories,” Montgomery continued. “Children say to caseworkers all the time that one of their favorite parts of being at Saint Louise House is just how much fun it is to be able to build special memories and also to connect with other children in their community and just be kids together.”

For more information on the Safe Place to Call Home initiative, visit our Safe Place to Call Home webpage. You can also learn more about Saint Louise’s Mission to empower single mothers and their children to escape homelessness at https://saintlouisehouse.org.

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