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Broker Solutions for Your Home Buyers

When you do business with Amplify, you will work with mortgage professionals who understand the business and are here to help your buyer in every way possible.

Become an approved broker with Amplify and get the ability to earn revenue on our 2nd Lien and new 1st Lien Jumbo products. Please download our Broker Application Package and follow the instructions to help ensure timely approval of your application.

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Not Able to Become an Approved Wholesale Broker? Not a Problem.

Amplify Credit Union makes getting a 2nd Lien Loan for referral partners an easy process. With our quick turnaround times, competitive rates and fees, and an attentive third party lending team, Amplify is your first choice for 2nd Lien Lending.

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Our Third Party Lending Team

Let our experts help you finance a 1st or 2nd lien mortgage for your home buyer.

Jumbo Loan Product Details

  • Amplify Jumbo 30 year fixed

  • Amplify Jumbo Arms

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