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You deserve to bank without fees

Does it sometimes feel like your bank is actively trying to trip you up so they can charge you a fee? At Amplify, we believe everyone deserves to bank without fees. So we made it simple: we'll never charge you a bank fee, no matter how much you deposit, spend, or save.

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Help turn the tide on bank fees

For decades, banks have claimed their fees help customers make smarter spending decisions. But the truth is, bank fees are an institutional issue, not a personal one. Here are just a few of the communities hit hardest by bank fees - and the motivation for us to turn ours off.

  • Gen Z

    Each month, Gen Z pays four times¹ as much in bank fees as their parents - despite having far less money in their bank accounts.

  • Low-Income Savers

    Over half the fee income from mass-market checking accounts come from customers with "no more than a few hundred dollars" in the bank².

  • Communities of Color

    Black and Hispanic bank customers pay more than twice as much³ in monthly bank fees compared to white customers.

How to go fee-free

Fee-free banking at Amplify is not an add-on or a premium service - it's a standard benefit for every member, no matter how long you've been with the credit union. Here's how to benefit from fee-free banking.

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    Our streamlined application allows you to open a new savings and checking account in just a few easy steps.

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    Our mobile-first banking experience puts fee-free banking in the palm of your hand. Download our app in App Store or Google Play.

  • Transfer Your Spending

    Our ClickSWITCH platform will identify existing payments and recurring deposits and automatically transfer them to your new Amplify account.

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Got Questions?

We know opening a bank account can be a lot, so we want to answer as many of your questions as we can. Still have questions? Email us at and an actual human being will get back to you within 24 hours.

  • What makes credit unions different from banks?

  • How can Amplify afford to go fee-free?

  • Do you still offer overdraft protection?

  • Are there any hidden banking fees?

  • Does fee-free apply to loans?

  • What about ATM fees?

Amplify Your Impact

For a limited time, when you join Amplify, we'll make a one-time donation to the team at RIP Medical Debt. Each donation will amount to more than $3,000 worth of debt relief for members of the Central Texas community.

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¹BankRate crunched the numbers: the average member of Gen Z pays $19.13 a month in bank fees. Their parents (Gen X) only pay $4.48.
²This July 2022 piece from Bloomberg explains how a lot of banks that claim to offer "no-fee checking" actually charge their customers billions of dollars a year in fees.
³The numbers from that BankRate piece also show the racial disparity of bank fees.