2-1 Mortgage Buydowns

Learn how buyers, sellers, and builders can benefit from a 2-1 mortgage buydown and save even more with our free refinance offer.

2-1 Buydown Benefits

2% Reduction in Y1 1% Reduction in Y2 Bundle with a Free Refi
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Mortgage Buydowns Explained

A mortgage buydown is a type of financing where one party pays for a short-term reduction on a mortgage’s interest rate. When you secure a 2-1 buydown with Amplify, the interest rate is two points lower in Year 1 and one point lower in Year 2.

Who Benefits From a 2-1 Buydown?

From the outside, a mortgage buydown may look like it only benefits the buyer. But experienced sellers and homebuilders know that negotiating over rates instead of price can often be the secret to a satisfied customer.

For Buyers

Working with a seller who won’t budge? Counter with a 2/1 buydown. Agreeing on a discounted rate instead of a discounted sales price might be the win-win both parties are looking for.

For Sellers

Worried about your house lingering on the market? Adding a 2/1 buydown to your listing can make current market rates a little less intimidating to first-time homebuyers.

For Builders

Want to give buyers options right out of the gate? Use a 2/1 buydown to attract real estate agents and their clients who prefer new builds but are worried about current market rates.

Got Questions?

Forget the fine print – we’re doing our best to proactively answer every question you might have about our buydown program.

How does a 2-1 buydown work?

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Are there loan balance requirements?

Can I bundle this with another Amplify Real Estate offer?

Explore Your Buydown Potential

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