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Since joining the wholesale mortgage industry in 2002, I have worked tirelessly to build relationships with brokers and financial institutions in my broader community. I joined Amplify Credit Union in late-2019 because I saw an opportunity to grow these relationships even further. With the resources Amplify has to offer, I believe that our credit union can quickly become the leading 2nd lien, jumbo, and wholesale provider in the State of Texas.

Third party lending often presents a unique set of challenges to both lenders and borrowers. As a result, I have frequently been called upon to take a creative, solution-oriented approach to each individual loan opportunity. Once I've taken the time to build a relationship with a partner and understand the needs of their clients, I've found that no lending challenge is insurmountable for myself or my team.

In my free time, I remain committed to spending time with my family and staying physically fit. With the love and support of my family, I am proud to have finished my first Ironman competition. I am grateful for every opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, especially when I have the chance to go skiing in Colorado or Utah.

Let Bob help you with your 2nd Lien and Wholesale lending needs.

If you are a Referral Partner, log into our third party lending portal to submit a loan.