Fee-Free Debit Cards

Our Mastercard® debit cards come with great features, zero fees, and no penalties, no matter how you spend.

Fee-Free Debit Cards

Contactless Features Built for Digital Wallets Zero Liability Fraud Protection
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The debit card without fees

You deserve a financial institution that won’t charge you tons of fees just for using your money. That’s why we’ve reduced things like out-of-network ATM fees and international transaction fees to $0.00.

Five reasons to debit with Amplify

Our debit cards are designed to help you use your money without fear of costly fees or interest charges. And thanks to fee-free banking, you will never be charged an overdraft fee or insufficient funds penalty.

Introducing Amplify Mobile Card Control

Thanks to the new Amplify Mobile Card Control app, members have more control over their debit cards than they’ve ever had before. Visit Ask Amplify to learn how to add card control services to your debit card experience.


Misplaced your card? Lock or unlock your debit card with a single tap and leave nothing to chance.

Customize Controls

Customize your alerts or controls by location, merchant types, transaction types, and spend limits.


Set up in-app travel notices to ensure Amplify does not lock your debit card when traveling.

Track Subscriptions

View every recurring payment on your card within 30 days of your most recent transaction.

The right fit for your digital wallet

Our members need a debit card that fits into every wallet – even the digital ones. So whether you make contactless transactions on the go or just prefer a secure option for online shopping, our debit cards will always be there to keep your spending fee-free.

Google Pay logo

Google Pay

Connect your debit card to Google Pay to manage in-browser payments and payments from your Android digital wallet.

How to Connect

Black Icon Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Connect your debit card to Apple Pay to save your payment information on Safari or on your Apple devices and wearable tech.

How to Connect

Icon Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay

Connect your debit card to Samsung Pay to save your payment information and manage in-browser payments for use on any Samsung device.

How to Connect

Learn more about banking at Amplify

How do our overdraft programs work?

Can I connect a card to my mobile wallet?

Does Amplify charge ATM fees?

We’ve answered some of the more common questions people have about fee-free banking at Amplify. Have your own questions? Contact our team at [email protected] and we will make sure someone responds within 1-2 business days.

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Enjoy zero fees and great features with a Mastercard® debit card from Amplify Credit Union.

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