Banking By Band: Amplify Credit Union Adds Apple Watch App

June 25, 2019

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Say goodbye to pockets and hello to bands. With the latest version of its app in the iOS marketplace, Amplify Credit Union is making it easy for its Apple Watch users to access their accounts from their wearable devices. 

“Our members are constantly on the go,” explains Chief Experience Officer Stacy Armijo, “which provided us with an opportunity to make their online banking experience even more convenient. Our app will allow members to check their balances and transaction history with just a flick of the wrist.”

While the wearable technology industry is still in its infancy, early adopters are driving a rapid and sustained growth. One study by the International Data Corporation (IDC) predicted that sales of wearable devices will grow by 15.3% by the end of 2019, with watches making up a whopping 45.6% of that market. This was data the Amplify team could not ignore. “What may seem like a luxury to some of our members has already become the standard for others,” Armijo suggests. “We want every member to have the mobile banking experience they deserve.”

Here’s how it works: once the Apple Watch feature has been enabled in the mobile banking app, members will receive view-only access through their wearable devices to both their account and transaction history. By swiping left or right on the app, enrolled users can view up to 20 of their Amplify accounts. They will also be able to view the last 10 transactions for each of these accounts, offering a seamless connection between their online banking experience and the mobility of their wearable device.

This visibility serves as an important tool for those who have their Apple Pay accounts linked to their Amplify credit or debit card. Now members can easily check their balance before making a purchase or verify that a transaction has been processed all. “At the end of the day, Apple Pay can only be as convenient as your online banking provider,” explains Digital Banking Product Manager Brad Clutter. “If you can make a purchase using your Apple Watch, but still need to take out your phone to review your bank account, you’re not getting the seamless experience you signed up for. Our app makes sure that phone stays in your pocket from start to finish.”

It wasn’t long before the financial industry took note of Amplify’s commitment to digital innovation. In an interview with Armijo, the Credit Union Times’s Tina Orem credited Amplify with its willingness to go beyond the mobile experience for online banking. Bank Innovation’s Rick Morgan also spoke with Armijo about the organization’s responsiveness to the customer experience, while Credit Union BUSINESS featured a guest post from Clutter discussing his team’s biggest takeaways from the development process.

And while Amplify currently has no plans to bring its wearable banking experience to other mobile platforms, its development team continues to keep an eye on market trends and member feedback. “We’re constantly evaluating new technologies as they hit the market,” explains Clutter. “We’ll be keeping our eye on platforms like Google’s Wear OS to determine if they may be a good fit in the future.”

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