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Austin Credit Union Extends the Welcome Mat for First-Time Homebuyers

May 11, 2019

Reviewed By: Amplify

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Purchasing a house is, in essence, a vote of confidence. In choosing an Austin neighborhood to call your own, you’re deciding to invest in the long-term financial health of Central Texas.

For years, Amplify Credit Union has been one of Austin’s best-kept secrets for first-time homebuyers. Since 2015, Amplify has served 337 first-time homebuyers — accounting for more than $54.5 million in total loans — earning it a reputation as a fast and reliable lender, as well as a major investor in the local economy.

Here are three things that set it apart:

  1. Community comes first
    “People often ask how an organization like ours differs from a conventional bank or mortgage lender,” says Amplify Credit Union AVP Steve Stapleton. “It boils down to our sense of community. Our members live and work in Austin, and, as a result, we make supporting Central Texas the heart of our business.”
  2. All the perks, close to home
    Amplify does this while offering the same competitive rates and fast online services you would expect from any national provider.
  3. Oodles of options
    Since Amplify’s focus is on building a strong community, the real estate team values every opportunity to form a personal connection with their clients.

“One of the biggest mistakes a first-time homebuyer can make is not knowing all their options,” Stapleton says. “That’s why our team prioritizes buyer education as part of every interaction.”

Without these conversations, many first-time homebuyers may be unaware they qualify for programs that make it easier to get into your first home — such as FHA loans that require only 3 percent down — or they have an incomplete picture of how much their mortgage will truly cost them over time.

Ultimately, this is the long-term definition of success for the Amplify Credit Union team. As the Austin market continues its rapid growth and more people look to the housing market as an investment, it is important to Stapleton that buyers don’t lose sight of what they’re buying into.

“Whether you just moved here or have lived here your entire life, you’ve chosen to be part of the Central Texas community for a reason,” he concludes. “We want to make sure you’re just as happy with your choice in 20 years as you are today.”

This article was originally published on CultureMap.

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