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August 02, 2016 | news

Amplify's New Esperanza Branch

Articles by Jim Baker | Photographs by David Weaver

This is an exciting time for Amplify Credit Union!

As you may know, we’re building a brand new flagship branch on Burnet Road and Esperanza Crossing, right next to the Domain and TopGolf, which will take the place of our venerable Brockton location. As we transition from the old to the new, we invite you to take a peek behind the scenes of what has gone into making this project a reality. We’re presenting a series of articles in which we share with you insights from the professionals behind the project as well as work-in-progress photos and details about this state-of-the-art facility. We’re also taking a look back at what made the Brockton branch so important in Amplify’s development. Please take a look at all the articles in this series and enjoy the backstory of the move to our beautiful, new building.

  • Site Selection

    After considering a number of possibilities, a parcel in the North Burnet Gateway development area adjacent to the Domain hit all the right notes. Its accessibility, visibility and convenience will make it a worthy successor to the Brockton branch’s legacy.

  • Financial Impact

    To build a new branch, one must consider the costs of staying versus relocating. We sat down with Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer John Orton to discuss the financial ramifications of opening a new flagship branch built from the ground up.

  • Exterior Design

    When Mente & Sowell Architects, Inc., got the assignment to design Amplify Credit Union’s new flagship branch on Burnet Road at Esperanza Crossing, they set out to create a stylistically compelling building that is also welcoming to members.

  • Interior Design

    The beauty of creating a bank branch from the ground up is that it can be designed to maximize member services while also being versatile enough to handle any changes to the nature of banking that the years to come might have in store.

  • Our IBM Heritage

    In 1967, a group of ten IBM employees founded the IBM Austin Employees Federal Credit Union which, after several name changes, would become Amplify Credit Union. The impact of the IBM affiliation is still very much in effect today.

  • History of the Brockton Branch

    The Brockton branch on Burnet Road was IBMTEFCU's first off-site branch and was opened more than 30 years ago. Read the full story about its exciting history as the "catalyst for Amplify's remarkable growth."