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Historically Low Rates

When we say that interest rates are “historically low,” we’re not exaggerating. The average homeowner is set to save $268* a month by refinancing their mortgage in 2020. Why make payments at a higher interest rate when there are better options?

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How You Benefit

Refinancing a mortgage may save you money, but how you choose to apply that money is entirely up to you. From lowering your monthly payments to shortening your loan terms, you’ll be surprised at what your new mortgage can accomplish.

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Want to get a quote without giving up your contact information or dinging your credit score? Use our Check Your Rate tool to view available loan terms, check your potential interest rate, and calculate your estimated new monthly payment.

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How Does the Refinance Process Work?

You guide to understand how the mortgage refinance process works.

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    100% online application.

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    Working with the Amplify Real Estate team.

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    Application to close in as little as 20 days**

  • Celebrate!

    Enjoy your lower monthly payment, cash-out, or shorter term.

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Looking for a lower interest rate or terms on your mortgage, sounds like you're ready to refinance.

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** Amplify’s performance record for closing real estate loans starting from loan application (assuming a completed loan package has been submitted, including an executed purchase contract, if needed) to loan closing. Events outside of Amplify’s control, including but not limited to: market conditions, appraised values, escrow or title delays, or weather-related issues may prolong the process. Your experience may vary.