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Last year, identity theft occurred every 2 seconds.

Identity Theft & Protection

What is Identity Theft?

Identity (ID) Theft is when a person uses someone else’s ID to profit for themselves.

Often the ID thief will open new accounts in their victim’s name with no intention of ever paying on the accounts. In extreme cases, ID thieves will present a false ID when they have medical treatment or are arrested.

 All types of ID theft are harmful to the victim. At a minimum, they could be left with delinquent accounts in their name that they have to fight to expunge from their record. At the other end of the spectrum, victims could have a warrant for their arrest due illegal actions performed in their name.

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What is a Scam?

A scam, by definition, is a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation. Very often scams involve check fraud or counterfeit currency. The victim may not know of the fraud until it is too late and they take a loss.

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