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When it comes to commercial lending, nothing beats first-hand knowledge of the local market. It is important to craft a business plan that allows business owners to succeed and scale, and that kind of long-term thinking only comes with years of market knowledge. With almost a decade of work in the Central Texas market, I am able to provide my clients with direct insights into the markets they hope to capture.

As a member of the Round Rock City Council, I am afforded a unique viewpoint on how local businesses impact our communities. I work closely with each client to ensure the successful launch of their business - including helping them navigate the underwriting process - but my real values lies in future-focused strategic planning. Thanks to the community of Round Rock, I am able to see the demands a community places upon businesses as they scale. As a result, I work to put my clients in the best possible situation to succeed both now and in the future.

In my free time, my family and I donate our time to assist local non-profits such as the Round Rock Rotary Club and the El Amistad Club. My role as both an elected official and a commercial loan officer has shown me the importance of building sustainable communities, and I’m grateful for the opportunities to impact the long-term health of Round Rock, Texas.

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