Wire Transfers

Wire transfers offer organizations a reliable and efficient solution to manage their financial transactions.

Business Benefits

Remote Team Management Streamlined Payments Zero Fees¹ or Penalties
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Streamline your payments

Streamline your invoicing and payment processes and reduce administrative overhead with our fee-free wire transfer services.

Speed and Efficiency

Swift and efficient processing with online wire transfers. Wires process at Amplify can be as fast as the same day


Save on transaction costs with lower fees for online wire transfers, avoiding the expenses associated with traditional transfer methods.

Transactional History

Easily track and reference your organization’s wire transfer history with detailed records of dates, amounts, and recipients.

Increased Security

Trust in our secure online platform and safeguard transactions with state-of-the-art encryption and authentication.

How it works

Learn how wire transfer services at Amplify can add efficiency to the transactions of your business or nonprofit.


Commonly asked questions about wire transfers and commercial banking at Amplify.

Are there fees for wire transfer services?

How do we sign up for wire transfer services?

Can smaller organization sign up for wire transfers?

How does my business add excess deposit insurance?

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