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May 10, 2017 | money-management

Why You Should Sign Up for Alerts

One of the great features of banking in this modern age is the variety of alerts you can receive regarding your accounts. You won’t need to guess when payments are due or if you have enough money in your accounts to cover your bills. Alerts will keep you informed and up-to-date on many transactions or financial obligations you choose to include.

Here's what you need to know about them:

Account and Personal Alerts

When you register for alerts delivery via text or email (you can do both if you choose), you will no longer receive mailed paper notices from Amplify. In addition to receiving alerts electronically, you can view them in online/mobile banking as well. You can set-up and receive alerts on a variety of topics, including:

Loan Payment Due: You can set up an auto or home equity loan payment due alert and receive a text or email alert a specified number of days in advance of your payment due date. It can be a week in advance, a few days, or just about any time period you prefer.

Debit Card / ATM Withdrawal Transactions: You can set your parameters so that you will receive alerts when your debit card purchases or ATM withdrawals exceed a specified amount. For debit card alerts, you will receive alerts when the transaction is authorized and when it posts to your account. You will also receive a notification if your transaction is declined.

Checks Cleared: This alert lets you know when a check you have written has cleared your account. This is a great way to track any outstanding checks you may have.

Direct Deposit Alert: If you are on a direct deposit program with your employer, you’ll know when your paycheck has landed in your account. You will also receive an alert if you receive other electronic (or ACH) credits that are posted to your account.

Automatic Withdrawals: One of the conveniences of electronic banking is the ability to set up automatic withdrawals to handle electronic payments (or ACH debits) for expenses like gym memberships or insurance payments. When these payments are debited from your account, you will receive an alert advising you of the payee and the amount.

Privilege Pay: If you have consented to Privilege Pay overdraft protection, Amplify will automatically pay an item rather than return it due to insufficient funds. You will receive an alert when Privilege Pay was utilized to pay an item.

Certificate Maturity Date: To the get the most out of your certificates of deposit, know when they come due so that you can reinvest them at the best possible rate. An alert will give you the heads up when that day is approaching, which can help you with your CD laddering strategy.

Personal Alerts: Need a reminder about a visit to the dentist, an upcoming child’s recital, a friend’s birthday? Send yourself a reminder for occasions likes these or just about anything.

To set up and start receiving your alerts, log in to online/mobile banking and go to Statements/Alerts. Select your account and complete the enrollment process. Be sure to update your contact information periodically to ensure you continue to receive your alerts.

Security Alerts

Amplify is very serious about keeping your information locked up tight. In order to help you monitor your account online account, we offer a variety of security alerts that will notify you when specific activity occurs.

You can elect to have these alerts delivered via text, email, or phone call. Some of the Security Alerts available are:

  • Alert me when Forgot Password is attempted for my Login ID
  • Alert me when a computer/browser is successfully registered
  • Alert me when my password is changed
  • Alert me when my Login ID is changed
  • Alert me when an invalid Password for my Login ID is submitted
  • Alert me when my security alert preferences are changed
  • Alert me when my Login ID is locked out

To set up and start receiving your security alerts, log in to online banking and go to Settings -> Security Alerts. Select how you would like to receive your alerts, confirm your contact information, and enable the alerts you would like to receive.

If you’re not taking advantage of Amplify alerts, enroll today and get started.

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