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February 22, 2018 | home-renovations

Tiny Home Improvements That Really Make a Difference

There are some very good reasons for wanting to make your residence look better. Naturally, if you’re about to put it on the market, you’ll want it to be at its best for resale. But what if you’re not planning on moving anytime soon; don’t you still want to live in a place that looks fresh? For very little money you can give your morale a boost by rejuvenating targeted parts of your home. Here are some quick-fix ideas that will not break your bank:

New Doorknobs

If you live in an older house, it might be time to give those dated doorknobs the heave-ho and replace them with something made in this century – or early last century if you want to go for the antique look. If you live in a newer home, you may have come to realize that those builder’s grade doorknobs aren’t much to look at. Also consider new hardware for your main entry door. You’d be surprised how something that small can alter the look of the front of your house.

New Cabinet & Drawer Pulls

How about making your kitchen cabinets look new by changing out their pulls and knobs? There are literally thousands of designs out there available to you that can really shake things up visually.

Cabinet Revisions

You can also consider giving one or two of your cabinets glass doors and lighting their interiors from above, which makes for a very nice effect. Under-cabinet recessed lighting can give your kitchen a homey glow when the overhead light is off or help you see what you’re doing when preparing food. Worn cabinets can be repainted or re-stained. It’s a labor-intensive, but inexpensive way to give your kitchen a new face.

New Light Fixtures & Ceiling Fans

Perhaps you’ve had enough of looking up at the builder’s-grade ceiling fans and/or light fixtures that came with your house or maybe your tastes have changed and you want something nicer or different overhead. You can get some very decorative fans and fixtures in the $150 to $200 range.

New Window Treatments

New blinds can change the whole look of a room as can new curtains. If you can sew, you’re way ahead of the window treatment game as you can create your own curtains and valances for the cost of materials. If you can’t, there are affordable drapes and curtain rods at all department and home improvement stores.

Carpet Cleaning

If it’s been while since you’ve had a professional carpet cleaning, you’ll be thrilled with the results when you get it done. You can save money by renting the equipment (often at your local supermarket) and doing it yourself.

Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal

Like a person, a home has only chance to make a good first impression. If you want yours to impress would-be buyers the moment they lay eyes on it, then you owe it to yourself to hit the garden center and load up on mulch and flowers. Trim your bushes and low-hanging tree branches, too. Consider some subtle, low-voltage lights for an interesting nocturnal effect.

Fence Repair

Nothing looks sadder than an old, sagging fence. Short of full replacement, there are several things you can do to make it look less forlorn. Shoring up or replacing rotting posts will help get rid of the sag and a good pressure washing can eliminate that sickly grey color and give the wood renewed life. Replacing missing slats will not cost much time or money, either.

Mosquito Control

A one-time seasonal application of mosquito repellent is an affordable way to buy yourself a pest-free summer. Keep in mind that more frequent applications and/or a full anti-mosquito misting system installation would cost much more.

Update Your Paint

Nothing gets more abuse than your baseboards. Even if you do nothing else, giving them a fresh coat of paint will change the whole look of a room. While you have the brushes out, though, go ahead and repaint the chipped trim around your doors as well as giving your window sills a going over. If you have the correct paint on hand, spackling and touching up damaged spots (such as rub lines from chairs or beds) will also make a room look better. Or, if you’re more ambitious, consider repainting a room or two, remembering to use a neutral color if it’s for purposes of resale. Take a look outside, too, and see if the shutters, trim or exterior would do better with a touch up.

More About Home Improvements

Whether you're looking to sell your home now or live in it for the next ten years, making both small- and large-scale improvements will ensure that your biggest asset pays off for you in the future. If you're thinking about tackling some home improvements, consider using the equity in your home to finance the project. A Home Equity Loan from Amplify Credit Union can offer you lower interest rates than home improvement store credit cards and financing options.

If you don't yet have enough equity in your home to do a Home Equity Loan, you may also want to consider Amplify's Homeowner Express Loans, designed especially for homeowners in the Austin area who don't yet have equity in their home.

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