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March 26, 2018 | home-renovations

A Bright Future: 8 Popular Lighting Trends for 2018

While lighting levels and fixtures may not be the first thing you notice when entering a home, they both have a major effect on your ultimate perception of the space.

“We all need to bring more lighting into our homes,” advises home furnishings vendor Inviting Home “Lighting creates, paradoxically, both reality and illusion. Lighting fixtures illuminate our treasured objects and highlight our favorite colors, as well as affect our mood, performance and mental health on a daily basis.”

In addition to the quality of light they produce, your choice of fixture design can have a drastic effect on whether a home looks fresh and up-to-date — or whether it seems dull, dated and unimaginative.

To optimize the style and quality of your residential lighting, consider how you might adopt some of these lighting trends for 2018:

  • Less matchy-matchy. Instead of lining up rows or clusters of identical fixtures, designers these days are opting for visual interest by grouping fixtures of different shapes, colors or sizes that are united in some way — perhaps by style, color palette, or material.
  • Minimalism. Designs that feature clean, simple lines, simple geometry and/or neutral colors are dominating many decors.
  • Bigger can be better. Instead of sizing fixtures down so they’re less obtrusive, some homeowners are opting for large statement pieces that impart greater visual impact. Your lighting scheme could represent an opportunity to express yourself artistically without cluttering up shelves, display tables or floor space.
  • Chandeliers gone wild. Rather than relying on the traditional hanging crystals of yore, today’s chandeliers are branching out into a wide range of interesting shapes, colors, and patterns. One especially hot retro style is the starburst design modeled after Russia’s 1960s-era Sputnik.
  • Automatic adjustments. More and more consumers are optimizing smart home features that allow you to control the brightness and color of your lighting by voice alone.
  • Metallic finishes. Matte, shiny, or anything in between goes these days. Soft gold and designs that combine various metal finishes are especially popular.
  • Industrial looks. Instead of looking like they were just salvaged from the factory, today’s pieces are sleeker, richer, and finished-looking so they fit in well with a variety of decors.
  • Retro designs. Art Deco and mid-century looks are in vogue right now, partly because their clean lines and balance of form and art work well in multiple settings. Many homeowners are also taking retro a step further to incorporate the vintage Edison-style light bulbs shaped like a rounded cone.

Take some time to consider how an up-to-date and functional lighting scheme could make your home even more appealing.

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