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August 09, 2018 | home-renovations

Host Extraordinaire? 16 Thoughtful Gestures Your Guests Will Love

Are you a host or hostess with the mostest who truly enjoys entertaining house guests?

If you’re the kind of generous and nurturing person who likes to make overnight visitors feel special, you probably enjoy attending to every detail when it comes to their comfort. Perhaps you routinely prepare gourmet food that meets their dietary restrictions and preferences, your guest room is decked out with the most comfortable furnishings available and you're armed with plenty of ideas for amusements and entertainment during their stay.

All that may be rewarding, but it's not necessarily easy.

"Being a good host is something of a lost art," notes Houzz contributor Laura Gaskill. "Balancing the roles of tour guide, innkeeper, cook and friend (while still managing to have fun yourself) can be challenging, to say the least."

If you’re striving for the title World’s Most Thoughtful Host, consider how the following suggestions might help.

  1. You will definitely want to clean the house before your guests arrive, but there is no need to overdo it. You’ll want your guests to relax and feel at ease and not worry about “messing up” your perfect home.
  2. Offer your guest spare charging cords for smartphones and an extension cord with power strip for those bringing small appliances. Experienced travelers often like to bring their own computers, alarm clocks, CPAP equipment, sound machines, fans, humidifiers, massagers, aromatherapy machines, hair styling tools and other electrical accoutrements.
  3. Be conscious of any allergies your guests may have. Scented air fresheners, potpourri, candles or cleaners may not be pleasant to someone who’s sensitive.
  4. All-cotton, high-thread-count bed sheets are today’s standard of excellence for those who appreciate a good night’s sleep. You might also offer bed pillows of different thicknesses to accommodate varying preferences.
  5. An easy-to-access bedside lamp is especially appreciated by those who like to read before bed.
  6. Fresh flowers add a burst of the outdoors to any room, and they need not be expensive if you buy them at the grocery store and arrange them simply yourself.
  7. Set aside dresser drawers or a portion of the closet in the guest room for them to use.
  8. Post your Wi-Fi name and password in your guest room so your visitors need not ask permission.
  9. Buy a couple of current magazines and/or newspapers you think your guests might enjoy.
  10. Maintain a basket containing high-quality toiletries your guests may forget, such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash, shaving cream, razors, toothbrushes and toothpaste, etc.
  11. Keep ample air freshener options and plenty of extra toilet paper in your bathrooms.
  12. Take a cue from ritzy hotels and keep a unisex bathrobe in the guest room closet for guests shy about showing off their pajamas.
  13. Stack extra blankets of different weights in the guest room, and place a fan in the corner, in case your visitor gets too cold or warm at night.
  14. If there’s a TV in the guest room, jot down instructions for turning it on and off, finding different channels, adjusting volume and using the remote. Otherwise, different models can be confounding.
  15. Give your guests a tour of the kitchen and put out the essentials for making coffee or tea for the early risers. You might even leave muffins, bagels, fruit or cereal on the counter for breakfast.
  16. Let your guest help in the kitchen with meal preparation if they ask. People like to contribute and will feel less like they are imposing if they are given a small job to help out.

Your lucky guest is bound to appreciate all the thought and effort you put into making him feel at home. We wish you many enjoyable experiences with your next visitors.

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