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April 13, 2019 | home-buying

Hacks That Will Make Moving So Much Easier

It’s time to move and you can’t wait to get into your new home to make new friends, try out new restaurants and create your own new normal in an entirely different setting. Yes, you can’t wait to start your new life in another location, but the actual moving? That’s a different story.

It’s OK, no one really looks forward to moving, but you don’t have to dread it either. There are things you can do to simplify your moving process and reduce your headaches. Start with the tips included here and you’ll be settled in before you know it.

Build your moving kit

Sharpies, tape and packing paper will be quickly forgotten once your move is done, but while you’re moving, they are indispensable. And when you can’t find them, you’ll waste time searching. Instead, create a moving kit box, keep it on a center table and fill it with must-have items. Better yet, create a second and third box and you’ll never waste time looking for what you need.

Employ this simple guide to purge

You’ve heard before that moving presents a wonderful opportunity to declutter your home, but who has the time to labor over every single little decision? You could toss or donate items you haven’t used in a year or more, and for smaller items employ this simple rule: If you were to need it again, and it would cost you under $20 to replace — and you could find it again in under 20 minutes — then let it go.

Make use of your blankets and towels

Your towels and blankets are moving with you so make the most of them. Use them as packing material in your boxes to protect your valuables and you’ll ensure everything you care about arrives in one piece.

Wardrobes done easy

You don't need to purchase wardrobe boxes to move your clothes. Instead, collect your outfits by the hanger, group them together and place them in black trash bags with the hangers poking through the top. Tie the bag shut and hang these bags from a shower rod in your car for the trip to your new home. 

Scroll through your friend network for boxes

When you move you’ll need lots of boxes, but the last thing you want to do is pay for them. Instead, reach out to friends and family to see who has boxes lying around. Do any friends or family work in a restaurant or retail? What about posting on your neighborhood social media page? Other places to look for boxes are the ‘free’ section on Craigslist, grocery and clothing stores, and warehouse stores like Costco. Be thrifty by exhausting these options before buying boxes.

A few more hacks:

  • For all liquids (cleaning supplies, toiletries, etc.) remove the cap, cover the top with plastic wrap and reseal the cap, to prevent spills.
  • Put spices and other small items in your pots before packing.
  • Take plenty of pictures before you start packing so you can remember how the books and knick knacks fit on the bookshelf or how the wiring setup was configured for the TV.
  • Put stemware and glasses inside of clean socks for padding.
  • Cut holes in the sides of awkward, but not heavy boxes to create handles.
  • Tape appliance power cords to the accompanying appliance.
  • Stuff your shoes with small items to maximize space.
  • Pack holiday items in plastic bins so you can simply place in storage in your new place without having to unpack.
  • Store all the hardware for a piece of furniture in a plastic bag and tape to the furniture.
  • Rather than emptying your dresser drawers, remove the drawer, wrap in plastic wrap and the drawer is your box!
  • Prepare some slow cooker meals in advance and freeze them. Keep your slow cooker handy for an easy meal after a day of packing.
  • Remove light bulbs from lamps and use Christmas ornament boxes to store them safely.
  • Use your luggage for packing – the wheels will come in handy for heavy items.
  • Pack a first night bag with toiletries and clean pajamas so you are ready for bed at the end of the long moving day.

Be financially smart about your move

The costs associated with your move will vary wildly depending on where you're headed, but they can be considerable. Come up with a budget including the costs of leaving your old place (are you required to have it professionally cleaned?), the expenses for the move (including food and hotel costs if needed) and startup costs for the new place. You may have to pay a one-month deposit and set-up fees for things like turning on the utilities.  If you have a moving budget it will help you judge unexpected costs that arise with a more critical eye and hopefully avoid any harsh realities when you arrive at that new home you’ve been so excited to move to all along.

It pays to set aside money for a moving budget. Create a designated savings account at Amplify Credit Union and make transferring money every pay period a breeze. You’ll be financially ready for that move in no time.

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