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September 06, 2018 | home-buying

5 Secrets to Get a Home Seller to Choose Your Offer

They say when you see the house of your dreams you know it, but you never really believed that until you walked into your last showing.

This is it. This is the home you’ve always wanted.

Every feature flawless, every room inviting. This is the home for you, and you can’t wait to put in a bid. But for a home this perfect, you couldn’t possibly be the only one to put in an offer, right?

Get Noticed in a Crowded Market

The summer real estate market is in full swing and in July 2018 home sales in the Austin area experienced the highest volume since July 2011. So how do you make your offer on your dream home stand out from the crowd? Here are five ways you may have never considered:

Add a personal touch. Many sellers are looking to make as much money as they can on their home, but you shouldn’t assume this is the sole motivating factor for everyone. Some favor first-time buyers, others people from the local area and still others choose those who have kids. Be true to who you are, and you may find that some sellers are looking specifically for you.

Write them a letter. In the modern email era, it can be easy to discount the power of a letter, but the right letter, written to the sellers of your dream home, can make all the difference. Write to them and tell them why you want their home. Be as specific as possible about the details you noticed and fell in love with, and don’t be afraid to let them know you see their home as more than just a commodity. It could be the perfect personal touch.

Understand your seller’s motivation. The letter is a great way to show the sellers your motivation for buying their home, but equally important is understanding their motivation for selling. Your real estate agent may have some of this information or you could ask a neighbor during your visit. In addition, some sellers are motivated by the need to relocate and a quick sale will be best for them. Others could want to downsize after a lifetime in the home. The options are nearly endless, but once you understand the seller's motivation you can tailor your offer strategy to best meet their goals.

Act — and hire — professionally. Act like a pro, and sellers will have no fear about you coming through at closing time. Start by hiring the right Realtor to help you through your home buying process and work with your credit union to make sure all your financials are ready to go before you start even looking for a home. Remember that your resources will be reviewed before any agreement is made, so make sure everyone is satisfied with what they see.

Keep an eye on the big picture. If this truly is your dream home, you’ll want to live in it for a long time. Don’t let it slip away because of minor things. The difference between a home priced at $195,000 and one at $199,000 is only $19 a month, provided your interest rate is 4.3 percent. Make the small jump in price if necessary and recognize that some repairs don't have to be done tomorrow. Those paltry considerations shouldn’t stand in the way of attaining the home you love.

Put your best offer forward on the home of your dreams!

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