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September 07, 2019 | credit-union-advocacy

Where Can You Access Your Credit Union Savings? Anywhere You Want.

What comes to mind when you picture a credit union branch? For some, the image is still one of outdated computers, mountains of deposit slips, and a few plates of cookies somewhere near the entrance. They may also picture having to drive halfway across town in rush hour traffic to access their nearest branch. Even as credit unions across the country have become leading voices in the digital banking revolution, there is still a lingering notion that joining a credit union means only having access to a fraction of the services you'd get with a large financial institution.

It's time to put that notion to rest. Modern institutions like Amplify Credit Union offer their members a variety of online and offline services, allowing people to choose the banking experience that fits their needs. Amplify alone accounts for more than 60,000 members across the country and nearly $1 billion in assets while providing our customers with the cutting-edge tools and services they've come to demand.

So as we participate in the Credit Union National Association's ongoing campaign inviting non-members to Open Your Eyes To a Credit Union®, let's take a few minutes to show you just how seamless the modern credit union experience can be.


Desktop, Mobile, and Wearable: Online Banking is King

When credit unions describe their 'member-first' approach to business, what they're saying is that their decisions are driven entirely by the demands of their customers. There are no bonus points in the world of online banking; the bar for online banking is high, and organizations like Amplify are working hard to develop online and mobile banking platforms that are both convenient and intuitive.

This means most credit unions are committing substantial resources to build and maintain their digital banking platforms. In 2019, Amplify took a critical step towards future innovation by updating its core banking platform, providing its team with a new array of features and member insights to better serve them in the future. We're hardly alone; flip through any credit union publication, and you'll see countless organizations also investing heavily in their digital future.

Amplify is also leading the way when it comes to the next generational of digital banking tools. Earlier this year, we announced the addition of Apple Watch functionality to our online banking platform, giving members the opportunity to check their balances with a simple flick of their wrist. As digital banking technology continues to evolve, we will work to continue offering our members new ways of accessing their funds.


Shared Branches Give You Access To Your Money Anywhere

But what if you need immediate or emergency access to your funds? For those who need to manage in-person deposits and withdrawals, even the smallest credit unions can offer unparalleled access to ATMs and branch locations through the CO-OP Shared Branch service. This service joins together credit unions across the country to provide their customers with a shared banking experience. If your credit union is a member of the CO-OP Shared Branch service, you can effectively treat any participating location the same as you would your home branch.

And with more than 5,600 locations nation-wide, the CO-OP Shared Branch rivals even the most prominent financial institutions in terms of in-person availability. What’s more, the CO-OP Shared Branch network includes an area search tool, helping you easily identify the nearest shared branch location in your neighborhood. Whether you’re at home or traveling the country, you will be able to access your funds in any manner you see fit. Visit the Amplify Credit Union shared branch locator to see the options in your local area.


You Can Still Have the In-Person Touch

Even with the wealth of digital tools available to credit union members, there are still plenty of reasons why people will always value the in-branch experience. From more hands-on money management services - including real estate mortgages, small business advice, and wealth management tools - to the security of that in-person transaction, Amplify and its peers are also transforming physical locations to serve the modern consumer better.

For Amplify, this means transforming each branch into a one-stop-shop for financial transactions. Being able to consult with a mortgage officer or a wealth management professional at your local branch - and not having to line up multiple trips to multiple locations - allows you to fit your banking needs more readily into a busy schedule. Using digital calendars and check-ins will also enable people to better plan their trips without waiting for an extended period. Whether you're depositing a paycheck or closing on a loan, our goal is to have you spend less time on banking and more time on life.


Sold on the process but still have questions about eligibility? For more information on how credit unions determine member eligibility - and to find out if you already have access to the credit unions in your area - visit Who Can Join a Credit Union? or head over to the Open Your Eyes To a Credit Union® page on our website.

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