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Regardless of whether you’re just starting to save for retirement or are approaching retirement age, through CFS we have the products and services – and professional financial advice – that can help you reach your retirement goal. Your investment goals are as unique as you are. We'll work with you to develop a strategy to help you reach them.

"How Much Money Will I Need to Retire?"

While there is no shortage of “rules of thumb” for estimating how much money you’ll need in retirement, it’s much better to work with your Investment Advisor to develop a more accurate calculation. A fulfilling retirement means vastly different things to different people. Some want to travel extensively. Others simply want to enjoy spending more time with their family.

Your CFS Advisor at Amplify Wealth Management will work with you to create a plan that matches your unique vision for retirement. Some of the items you’ll discuss your current age, at what age you’d like to retire, how much you’ve already saved, projected expenses in retirement, your tolerance for risk, and your retirement goals.

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Amplify Wealth Management provides an investment advisor registered through CFS who will sit with you to understand what is important to your financial success. Whether you are looking for investment advice, education planning, estate planning, or growing your business-- they can help you.

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If you like to make your own investment decisions, Amplify Wealth Management provides a solution through CFS for online investing in stocks, options, and mutual funds. The platform provides quotes, charts, analyses, and tools to help you screen mutual funds. This tool gives you 24-hour access to the information you need.

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