Rollover a 401(k)

Why Rollover a 401(k)?

About one-third of Americans still have funds in a retirement savings plan with a former employer. Rolling these funds over to an IRA can help preserve the tax-advantaged retirement earnings you’ve built, and may also give you more options for how the funds are invested.

401(k) Rollover Eligibility

If you have switched jobs, or have retired and left savings in a former employer’s plan, you may be eligible to roll retirement savings to your new employer’s workplace savings plan or to an IRA.

How to Get Started

Your advisor will need your account numbers and recent statements for any old 401(k) plans to begin the process of rolling over the funds in these plans to an IRA. Don’t have that information available? Just contact your former employer to request it. You’ll also need to complete paperwork required by your former employer, as well as paperwork to establish your rollover IRA with your CFS Advisor at Amplify Wealth Management.

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If you like to make your own investment decisions, Amplify Wealth Management provides a solution through CFS for online investing in stocks, options, and mutual funds. The platform provides quotes, charts, analyses, and tools to help you screen mutual funds. This tool gives you 24-hour access to the information you need.

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