Manage an Inheritance

What to Consider When Managing an Inheritance

Receiving an inheritance often comes at an emotional time. It’s a good idea to take your time making decisions regarding what you will do with inherited assets. Before making any major financial decisions, you might want to discuss the details with an attorney, an Investment Advisor and tax professional.

Windfall or Financial Security?

While inheriting a sizable sum of money may be exciting, but it can also create problems if not handled correctly. Some people may be tempted to splurge and be less cautious than usual with how money is spent.

Estate Planning

Receiving an inheritance is a good time to plan how you want to distribute assets upon your death. Take the time to update your will to reflect how you would like your estate distributed.

Charitable Giving or Gifting

Donating a portion of your inheritance to charity can be a thoughtful way to honor a family member. Be sure to document any donations or gifts made.

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