Retirement Income Planning

What Will Retirement Look Like?

Taking up hobbies you’ve been too busy to pursue? Traveling to parts of the world you haven’t seen? Perhaps you’re even considering relocating.

No matter what you’d like to do when you retire, our CFS Advisors can create a financial plan to help you live the lifestyle you envision.

Create a Plan for Funding Expenses

Our CFS Advisors can assist you with developing a strategy for withdrawing the money you’ll need. Social Security and pensions may provide a fixed amount every month, but you'll still need a plan for using your other assets. The timing of withdrawals can significantly impact the taxes you pay.

Plan for Tax Efficiency

When you retire, taxes can be a major expense. Your CFS Advisor can help you create a distribution strategy that will be efficient from a tax perspective.

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Amplify Wealth Management provides an investment advisor registered through CFS who will sit with you to understand what is important to your financial success. Whether you are looking for investment advice, education planning, estate planning, or growing your business-- they can help you.

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Invest on Your Own

If you like to make your own investment decisions, Amplify Wealth Management provides a solution through CFS for online investing in stocks, options, and mutual funds. The platform provides quotes, charts, analyses, and tools to help you screen mutual funds. This tool gives you 24-hour access to the information you need.

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