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With Amplify Overdraft Protection and Privilege Pay, you have multiple ways of protecting yourself from being declined at the register or incurring fees from merchants.
  • Amplify Overdraft Protection

    When you have overdraft protection in place, Amplify will automatically transfer funds from another Amplify account to cover the amount of the transaction in situations where your Checking Account does not have sufficient funds.

    • You must designate the Amplify account from which to cover your overdrafts; it must be from an account that you own
    • Overdraft accounts can be Amplify Savings Accounts (S1 or S2) or even additional Amplify Checking Accounts; each transfer costs $5.00
    • An Amplify Personal Line of Credit may also be used as Overdraft Protection; each transfer is free, but interest begins accruing on the date of the transfer2
    • You can also designate secondary and tertiary overdraft accounts in the event your primary overdraft account does not have the required funds
    • If you do not designate an overdraft account, Amplify will automatically use your Savings Account (S1) as your overdraft account
  • Amplify Privilege Pay

    If Overdraft Protection isn’t an option, or in the event your designated overdraft accounts do not have sufficient funds at the time a transaction occurs, Amplify also offers Privilege Pay to cover debit card transactions, checks written off the account, ACH withdrawals, and/ or Bill Pay debits up to a certain cumulative amount1.

    • Your total Privilege Pay allowance is determined by your account status and history
    • Each consumer account Privilege Pay transaction costs $30.00 and each business account Privilege Pay transaction costs $35.00
    • When Privilege Pay is used, your account will go negative; you must bring your account back to a positive balance as soon as possible
    • Your account is automatically enrolled in Privilege Pay for transactions such as checks written, ACH transfers, and Bill Pay transactions. You can opt out by completing and submitting the Privilege Pay Opt Out Form

1. Amplify uses your available account balance to determine whether sufficient funds are available when transactions attempt to clear your account. Amplify will normally pay overdrafts within the Privilege Pay limit, but payment is a discretionary courtesy and not a right or obligation. If you have more than 5 overdraft transactions in a single day, we will limit the total overdraft fees to $150. We pay overdrafts at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction. Please refer to our Privilege Pay policy. If you are not interested in Privilege Pay, please choose the account(s) you wish to opt out and submit the Opt-Out form. Forms are in PDF format and require Acrobat Reader to view. If you do not already have Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free. 2. Interest begins to accrue upon advance.