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EMV chip debit cards, now available at Amplify Credit Union

Added Security & Peace of Mind


EMV debit card technology, now available at Amplify

EMV chip debit cards, now available at Amplify Credit Union

Added Security & Peace of Mind


EMV debit card technology, now available at Amplify

Amplify is excited to offer Mastercard® Debit Cards with EMV chip technology that adds an additional layer of protection when making purchases at stores and when using ATMs.


What is EMV? EMV stands for Europay Mastercard Visa and refers to debit and credit cards that contain a special microprocessor chip. EMV chip cards protect against fraud by providing strong transaction security features not possible with traditional magnetic-stripe cards. By storing your card’s data on a chip, your account information can be changed dynamically with every use.

Why the Switch? When our members’ cards are compromised, Amplify bears the brunt of the associated costs, even though we (and members like you) are not at fault. This migration to EMV chip debit cards is a big step toward minimizing these losses and protecting our members. Remember: as a member, financial savings for Amplify are returned to you in the form of better rates and other member benefits.

Your new Amplify EMV Chip Debit Card provides much more transactional security


If the retailer has an EMV terminal, insert your card chip-first and face-up, and leave it in the terminal for the duration of the transaction. Depending on the merchant, you may be asked to enter your PIN, provide a signature, or do nothing at all.

Step1: Insert EMV Chip debit card into card reader at checkout and leave it inserted until your transaction is complete.
Step 2: Follow the card reader instructions; it may ask you to enter your PIN, sign your name, or do nothing.
Step 3: Remove your EMV chip debit card once your transaction is complete.


It will take several years for all ATMs to become chip-enabled. If an ATM is not chip-enabled, simply use it the way you normally would.

If using a chip-enabled ATM, the card must remain in the terminal for the duration of the transaction.

  • If it’s a motorized card reader that pulls your card inside the terminal, it works just as it always has. Your card will be automatically returned at the end of the transaction.
  • If you’re using a "quick-dip reader" at a chip-enabled ATM, you’ll need to leave the card in the slot for the entire transaction. More than likely, on-screen cues will prompt you when it’s time to remove your card.

Remove your card once the transaction is complete.

Use your Amplify EMV debit card at any ATM



  |  Because your financial success is ours

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