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Since entering the mortgage industry in 2010, I have helped countless Texas homeowners secure affordable loans in my work with brokers and mortgage loan officers. Third party lending is a unique industry; my job often requires that I work unconventional hours and think outside the box to provide the best service to my clients and their borrowers. As a result, I pride myself on my transparency and my ability to set clear, realistic expectations throughout the loan process.

Thanks to my own background as a Mortgage Loan Officer, I'm uniquely aware of the challenges my counterparts face. I've worked hard to make our own experience at Amplify as fast and user-friendly as possible. There are many good reasons to utilize a second lien mortgage - including more favorable rates and flexible documentation - but none of that would matter if I did not regularly provide the speed and services my clients demand.

When not building relationships with other lenders, I focus my energy on education-related causes. I am a regular volunteer at my son's school and various organizations. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Kendra and Her Team Are Here to Help

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