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My career as a loan officer began in 2006. One of the first things I learned about the industry was the importance of relationships – more often than not, a bad experience as a borrower will trump a good rate. My clients come to me for information and reassurance, and the better I am at explaining the nuances of the lending industry, the better they will feel about their purchase.

It’s easy to forget just how complicated the loan process can be for first-time or even experienced homebuyers. A good loan officer takes time to understand their clients’ goals and how this home fits into their long-term plans. That’s why I do whatever it takes to prepare my borrowers for their current home loan and the next financial milestone over the horizon.

When not at work, I split my time between my love of music and my love of the outdoors. Part of what originally drew me to Austin was the live music scene; there’s just no better place in the world to discover new and upcoming bands. Otherwise, you can find me on the water or exploring Austin’s many parks with my dogs.

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