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How To Switch To Amplify in Four Easy Steps

Even as a new Amplify member, you may still be in the process of learning more about fee-free banking. That said, we're confident you'll like what you see. So when the time comes for you to make Amplify your primary financial institution, follow these four steps to set yourself up for financial success.

  1. Open Your New Account

    We just started and already one step down! To get the most from your new account, don't forget to enroll in online banking and order an Amplify debit card.

  2. Transfer Balances Between Accounts

    Once you've gotten comfortable with Amplify's products and services, the next step will be to transfer over funds from another financial institution. You'll need your account number and routing number (314977227) to complete this transaction.

  3. Update Your Direct Deposits

    Transferring over direct deposits can be one of the most intimidating parts of switching banks. Thankfully, our ClickSWITCH tool can automatically find and reroute your direct deposits in just minutes of work.

  4. Update Your Recurring Payments

    Got your debit card? Great! You can now switch your recurring bills to your Amplify debit card. And because Amplify offers fee-free overdraft protection, you will never have to worry about accidentally paying an extra $35.00 for that $9.99 monthly subscription.

Take Your Amplify Account To the Next Level

In addition to the lack of fees, here are three other services that will help you get more from your transactions as an Amplify member. Need a little help? Chat with our contact center in online banking or give us a call at (512) 836-5901.

  • Early Direct Deposits

    Every member is automatically enrolled in early direct deposits. That means your money will arrive in your account up to two days earlier.

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  • Overdraft Protection

    Learn how Amplify's free overdraft prevention and protection programs keep our members from paying costly insufficient funds fees.

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  • Card Controls

    Download the Amplify Mobile Card Control app in Google Play or the App Store and unlock a new level of control over your card.

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