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The debit card without fees

At Amplify, we believe that every member of our community should have access to fee-free banking. That means you will never pay another bank fee or penalty at Amplify no matter how you choose to spend your money.

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Five reasons to debit with Amplify

Amplify's debit card are designed to help you spend your money without costly fees or interest charges. And thanks to fee-free banking, you will never pay an overdraft or insufficient funds fee no matter how your balance or deposit history.

  • No Bank Fees

    No matter how you spend your money, we will never charge you a fee for using a debit card. Your banking experience will always be fee-free.

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  • No Penalties

    Unlike other debit cards with overdraft protection, there is no fine print for our fines. We will just never charge you an overdraft or NSF fee.

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  • Less Contact

    Our contactless debit cards are both faster and more secure than non-contactless cards from other financial institutions.

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  • More Control

    Our Card Control features allow you to limit transactions, identify recurring subscriptions, set up travel notices, and much, much more.

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  • More Security

    Thanks to Mastercard's signature Zero Liability fraud protection and ID Theft Protection, your debit card comes with best-in-class account protection.

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You control your debit card

At Amplify, our goal is to provide best-in-class cards controls to go with your free-free banking. And thanks to our new card control app, members have more control over their debit cards than they've ever had before. Log into online banking to learn more about debit card controls.

  • Lock Activities

    Misplaced your card? Lock or unlock your debit card with a single tap and leave nothing to chance.

  • Customize Controls

    Customize your alerts or controls by location, merchant types, transaction types, and spend limits.

  • Set Notices

    Set up in-app travel notices to ensure Amplify does not lock your debit card when traveling.

  • Track Subscriptions

    View every recurring payment on your card within 30 days of your most recent transaction.

The Perfect Fit For Your Digital Wallet

Amplify is here to provide you with a fee-free debit card that belongs in every wallet - even the digital ones. So whether you make contactless transactions on the go or just prefer a secure option for online shopping, our debit cards will always be there to keep your spending fee-free.

  • Connect your debit card to Google Pay to manage in-browser payments and payments from your Android digital wallet.

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  • Connect your debit card to Apple Pay to save your payment information on Safari or on your Apple devices and wearable tech.

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  • Connect your debit card to Apple Pay to use your digital wallet on any Samsung device.

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Let Us Answer Your Questions

One of the reasons credit unions like Amplify have thrived for over a century is the personal connection we offer our members. We've done our best to answer the most common debit card questions below, but if there's still something you would like to know, email us at We'll have a member of our team reach back out in 1-2 business days.

  • How does overdraft protection work?

  • What if I do not qualify for overdraft protection?

  • Can I connect a card to my mobile wallet?

  • Does Amplify charge ATM fees?