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Simple interest calculator to compare your potential earnings

Interest, Earned


Calculate earnings and compare accounts

Calculate potential savings interest earned across Amplify accounts

Interest, Earned


Calculate earnings and compare accounts



Choosing the right types of accounts for your savings plan can potentially have a dramatic effect on the amount of interest your money earns over time.

Use this simple Savings Calculator and comparison tool to compare Amplify's best savings options as well as calculate your potential interest earnings over a specified term.

Enter your initial deposit amount, then choose a deposit term from the drop-down.

Calculator Definitions

Initial Deposit: This is the starting amount of your savings or deposit. The minimum amount for this calculator is $1,000, and the maximum amount is $1,000,000.

Deposit Term: The number of months you expect your funds to be on deposit or in this particular account.

APY1: Comparison Results APYs are based on the amount you enter as your Initial Deposit amount and may change if your balance increases or decreases. Click here for Amplify's Deposit Accounts and Rates.

Comparison Results2: The top four Amplify savings account options are displayed here, along with the APY (annual percentage yield) and your balance at the end of the term. Ending balances reflect the selected Deposit Term, except for Certificate ending balances which reflect the term of the Certificate.


When deciding the types of accounts to put your savings into, a number of factors should be considered in addition to the APY being offered:

  • How often do you need to access your savings?
  • How much do you expect your balance to fluctuate?
  • Do you plan to regularly add to your savings balance?

If a portion of your savings needs to be accessible while the rest remains untouched, consider diversifying your savings by putting a some of the funds into a more liquid account (like a Savings or Money Market Account), and consider putting the rest into a Certificate with a higher APY where it can earn more.

  Savings Money Market Certificate
Can I withdraw funds whenever I want, without fees? Yes Yes, up to 6 times per month1 No, only at maturity
Is there a minimum balance to uphold? No Yes; minimum of $1,000 to avoid monthly service fee Yes; minimum of $500 to open
Can I deposit additional funds whenever I want? Yes Yes No, only at maturity
Are there monthly service fees? No No, unless minimum balance of $1,000 is not met No

START EARNING MORE NOW: Move Your Savings to Amplify

Whether you have long or short-term savings goals, or whether you just need a safe place to put money aside, Amplify Credit Union has your needs covered. Become a member today and start taking advantage of our competitive APYs and credit union member benefits.

Click the buttons below to learn more about the accounts featured in our simple Savings Calculator.

Ready to become an Amplify member? Fill out this form to have an Amplify representative contact you about starting your membership.

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Last Name
Contact Information


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Money Market service charge (per month, if balance falls below $1,000) $10.00
Money Market excessive withdrawal fee (per instance, if transactions exceed 6-per-month limit) $10.00
Domestic Outgoing Wire Transfer Fee (each) $15.00

Amplify’s complete Consumer Fee Schedule located HERE.


  |  Because your financial success is ours

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1. APY is Annual Percentage Yield, is accurate as of the date above, and is subject to change at any time, as determined by the Credit Union Board of Directors. Please refer to the Share Account Rate Disclosure for further information relating to the above products. Fees assessed on accounts could reduce earnings on those accounts. Please refer to the Fee Schedule for further information.

2. This calculation and comparison tool is intended for visualization and research purposes only. Ending balance calculations reflect the selected Deposit Term, except for Certificate Terms which are indicated in months next to the APY. Comparison Results APYs are based on Initial Deposit amount and may vary with balance fluctuations. Your actual ending balance will depend upon the calendar date(s) of your deposit(s), account type(s), annual percentage yield, and amount of time your funds are on deposit. Rate offerings are subject to change at any time. For a complete list of Amplify's current Deposit Rates, click here.

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