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January 05, 2022 | news

Amplify Announcement: Branches Closing

Stacy Armijo

Chief Experience Officer

To Our Community,

One of the things I admire most about our team is their willingness to be transparent with each other even during tough times. It is in keeping with that culture of transparency that I share some unfortunate news: beginning on January 6, we will temporarily close our branches in Cedar Park and La Frontera.

If you bank with us in person, then you already know how hard our team works to make you feel confident and connected. Likewise, our teammates who work in branches deserve to be set up for success in delivering that positive experience. But I’ll be candid: accomplishing this has become a key challenge for our organization.

Over the past few months, our branches have experienced the same staffing shortages seen elsewhere in the country. During this time, our team has worn multiple hats across multiple locations and worked harder than I’ve ever seen to keep our branches running while we fill open positions. They’ve been asked to go above and beyond, and they have.

But until we have the staff in place to consistently deliver on our promise of quality, we have made the tough decision to scale back in-person services. We know that our standards create the positive experiences our members deserve, and we believe we can serve you best from our Esperanza Crossing and Pond Springs branches for the time being.

Until then, we’re hard at work growing our branch team and building towards the future. This means transitioning to remote work for our Contact Center staff; it also means consolidating our branch roles into higher-paying positions. Most of all, it means continuing to make Amplify a competitive place for job seekers and a rewarding place of employment for our existing staff.

I’d like to close with a phrase you probably hear everywhere you go these days: thank you for your patience. The pandemic continues to affect so many aspects of our lives, and I’m grateful for the kindness you extend our team as we navigate it together. It’s our sincere desire to return La Frontera and Cedar Park to full operating hours as soon as possible. In the meantime, we’re pleased to meet your needs from Esperanza Crossing, Pond Springs, online, or by phone/chat.

Stacy Armijo
Chief Experience Officer
Amplify Credit Union

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