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January 15, 2019 | news Interviews Amplify Credit Union CXO Stacy Armijo

Providing the best member experience while also promoting Amplify Credit Union’s values to the communities it serves is no small task. But, for Stacy Armijo, Chief Experience Officer for Amplify Credit Union, that’s a Tuesday. Stacy recently had the opportunity to interview with to discuss new ways to provide a consistent, superior member experience that reflects the values of the organization.

To read the full Q&A of the interview, click here.

Amplify Chief Experience Officer Stacy Armijo discusses her leadership role in the credit union space.

Create stronger intersections between our value for members and our impact in the Austin community.
Stacy Armijo

Amplify's Making an Impact in the Lives of Central Texans

Amplify Credit Union commits to increasing its impact in the Austin area with a focus on social endeavors under the name “A Safe Place to Call Home".

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