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June 29, 2016 | credit-union-advocacy

A Credit Union Is The Best Place For Your Savings

In a society where purchases are made with phones and pieces of plastic, a savings account might seem a little bit retro – but contrary to assumptions, they so still serve very important purposes in this modern age. There are a number of benefits to keeping a portion of your holdings in a traditional savings account – especially when that savings account is with a Credit Union.

Your Money Will Earn More at a Credit Union

Yes, interest on bank accounts has been low for some time (although conversely, lending rates are also low), but they have been making a bit of a comeback of late. And, because credit unions function as financial cooperatives, they are in a position to pay better interest rates than banks do. It’s simple: your money will earn more in a credit union than it will in a bank.

Your Money Stays "Local" at a Credit Union

You might not be aware that one of the primary functions of a credit union is to lend as much of its assets as feasible. They also do this by making loans to entrepreneurs and start-ups who hail from the immediate vicinity. Therefore, when you have your savings account with a credit union, your money is being put to work growing the local economy. It is also helping your neighbors, as individual Austin-area borrowers can count on a credit union to be a sympathetic and receptive lender to a degree that larger banks can’t hope to match.

You Will Be Helping the Community

Apart from their lending practices, a further local commitment that credit unions make is to contribute meaningfully to their communities. For instance, Amplify’s vision is “to contribute to the sustainability of the region and create a positive social impact through giving and volunteerism. What makes this largesse possible? In part, savings accounts just like yours. By opening, maintaining and adding to a credit union savings account, you are participating in their vision of community involvement.

Your Money is Safe at a Credit Union

Your money is quite safe at a credit union because they are insured just like banks are, so that additional interest you’ll be earning comes with no additional security risk.

At a Credit Union, It's All About You

Remember this very basic premise: Banks have customers; credit unions have members. That means that you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every decision a credit union makes is with your best interests at heart – and not the best interests of a group of strangers who own stock. Unlike many banks, credit unions are not publicly traded; they are member-owned. Having to answer to members – as opposed to customers and investors -- makes management much more deferential to their needs. Management can never take an “us versus them” approach to its members, because that adversarial dynamic simply does not exist at a credit union.

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