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  • Board of Directors

    Willie E. Everett, Chairman

    Ron Gregg, Vice Chairman

    Samuel E. Robertson, Secretary

    Allen Jensen , Treasurer

    Alan Hansford, Director

    Michael Parker, Director

    Joyce J. Smith, Director

  • Management Team

    Paul Trylko, President & CEO

    Kendall Garrison, Executive Vice President

    Nancy Ballman, Chief Operations Officer

    Mike Koch, Chief Lending Officer

    John Orton, Chief Financial Officer

    Stacy Armijo, Chief Experience Officer

    Eric Clemons, VP Information Technology & Software Development

    Morgan Courtney, VP Retail

    Kim Gamez, VP Accounting & Finance

    Denise Hart, VP Human Resources

    Scott Humphreys, VP Commercial Lending

    Kristin Keller, VP Real Estate Lending

    Tony Kountoupis, VP Consumer Lending

    Karen Pollack, VP Digital Transformation

    JC San Pedro, VP Loan Administration

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