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Our System Upgrade

Amplify Credit Union is making one of the biggest technology advancements in our 50-year history by upgrading to a new core banking system on Apr. 1, 2019. As the bedrock of almost every transaction members conduct with the credit union, this is a substantial change for our organization and will enable us to significantly improve services for members.

As we get closer the the conversion date on April 1st we will provide additional details via email and traditional mail.

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Enabling a Service-Focused Future

Our new core banking system will allow us to improve member service today, and continue to bring great products to members in the future. A few examples include a simplified structure for account numbers, enhancing the speed and accuracy of transaction processing; an updated statement design that is easier to read; and a full view of your relationship with Amplify in online banking, providing visibility across all of your accounts through one log-in.

How you can prepare

1. Take note that the core conversion will take place over the weekend of March 29th through April 1st and during that time, some of our services will not be available, such as online banking.

2. We recommend that members apply nicknames to their accounts in online banking, since those will carry forward to our new system without change and will help to minimize the disruption this creates for you as a member. Learn How

Online Banking Tips

Core Conversion Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • What does the core conversion mean for me?

  • What is the core banking system?

  • Are my funds safe and secure during this process?

  • When will I receive further communication and details?